Mar 13, 2006

perdus en anglais

pin - how was it?
filip - it was so glacey [icy] that everybody was dramatically falling.

filip - have you eaten something?
pin - no
filip - no?! really?
pin - çok komik.

pin - it is something like that...,it is something like this..., something like.... off puff, forget it, i am chicken translating from turkish, ça marche pas.

filip - hede hödö =p
pin - ha ha ha, is this your first joke?
filip - no, i don't make jokes in another language
pin - oui, you better not.

pin - hede hödö =p
filip - don't make turkish jokes in english, ok? =)

la haine izlerken..
pin - [vincent cassel] he also looks like matheui kassovitz
filip - do you know how he looks like?
pin - ..

pin - [matheui kassovitz] he also looks like matheui kassovitz
filip - for you everybody looks like matheui kassovitz
pin - yes, he is kassovitz
filip - yes yes, sure....
pin - ulan! he is kassovitz!
filip - hmm.. maybe he is kassovitz.

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